30 November 2017

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1. Combined Authority of the Year
A submission in this category should demonstrate progress and improvement across a range of passenger transport policy areas supported by measurable outcomes. We are looking for evidence that patronage levels are buoyant and satisfaction ratings are improving.



2. Public Transport Operator of the Year
This Award is open to all rail, bus, metro, tram and ferry service operators in the North of England.  Entries for this Award should outline the range of initiatives that the operator has been involved in to improve services and facilities together with results that have been achieved.



3. Airport of the Year
This award is open to all airports in the North of England. An entry in this category would provide evidence of excellence or significant improvement in overall performance or provision of facilities over the past 12 months. KPIs and customer satisfaction results will be particularly relevant as evidence of this.

4. Seaport of the Year
This award is open to owners of passenger or freight seaports in Northern England. Evidence of innovation, adoption of best practice and sustainable development would be helpful. Figures on how volumes have grown would enhance the entry.

Entries may concern new facilities or terminals or improvements to existing ports, including the large-scale use of new technology. Your entry should outline how facilities have been improved and the effect this has had on the operation of the port. Entries may also be submitted in respect of improvements to the surface infrastructure connecting to the port (i.e. road and rail links). Figures to demonstrate improved operation of the port or the success of a new facility could be included.



5. Transport Project of the Year
Projects entered for this Award need to stand out as being that bit different - it could be a project that is the first of its kind in the North of England, or a project that has been done before but has been approached differently.

6. Construction and Engineering Project of the Year
Entries must demonstrate that the project was remarkable in one or more of the following areas: (a) scale or ambition; (b) technical innovation; (c) in making a demonstrable improvement to the operation of the infrastructure network of which they form part, either locally, regionally or nationally and (d) in being completed within cost and budget. Appropriate figures and statistics must be included.

For large projects consisting of a number of phases, entries may be submitted at the end of an individual phase as well as on completion of the whole project.

7. Economic Productivity Project of the Year
Entries in this category must be able to demonstrate their region-wide potential for boosting the economy and productivity of the whole of the North, either by enabling cities and other centres of economic activity work more effectively together or by creating highly skilled jobs in the region, for the benefit of the "northern powerhouse" as a whole.

8. Contribution to Sustainable Transport
A submission in this category should demonstrate how your organisation has implemented policies to reduce its impact on the environment (for example reduced carbon footprint), supported by clear documented results. The types of projects that would qualify for this category include the use of alternative vehicle fuels and technologies or freight practices which have resulted in mileage and/or emissions/reductions.

9. Excellence in Technology
This category is open to any organisation using new technologies to assist in the transport planning or running of transport operations in the Northern England. Again we need to see evidence that the project has brought about good results, demonstrated benefits to users and or efficiencies throughout the operation.

10. Transport Team/Partnership of the Year
A submission in this category should demonstrate how effective team work has brought improvements to transport services or facilities. We will be looking for evidence that the way the team operates as a unit has brought measurable improvements to the service you provide or projects you deliver.

11. Transport Supplier of the Year
Suppliers of equipment and services to the rail, light rail, bus and roads sectors are all eligible to enter this category. Entrants should demonstrate the transport benefits accrued from the use of these products and services e.g. decreased crime levels, increased efficiencies, better integration, improved reliability etc. It may be that you have innovatively applied existing products and services or introduced a new product or service that has traditionally been used outside the transport sector.

12. Excellence in Travel Information and Marketing
This category covers all areas of transport marketing including information, promotion and travel planning. We will be looking for evidence that the approach that you have adopted is achieving results e.g. modal shift, increased users, reduction of accidents etc.

13. Customer Service Team of the Year
This award will be given for the provision of outstanding customer service that sets the benchmark for others or where service standards have been vastly improved from a problematic level. All submissions should demonstrate how the approach has encouraged public transport use or boosted customer satisfaction levels. The focus should be on customer care.

14. Frontline Employee of the Year
We're looking for nominations for this award for a frontline member of staff (for example, school crossing patrols, bus drivers, highways inspectors, receptionists) who has gone beyond the call of duty in their role and delivered a better service as a result. The nominee will have demonstrated a real commitment to their service and your nomination will need to outline briefly (500 words maximum) what they have done to deserve the award, supported with statistical or anecdotal evidence. Supporting letters are useful in this category.

15. Employer of the Year

This category provides an opportunity for organisations to highlight what they are offering to attract and retain new staff, and to provide opportunities for the continuing professional development of existing and more experienced staff. Staff satisfaction surveys may be used in this category to highlight achievements along with diversity commitments and apprenticeship programmes.


16. Outstanding Contribution to Transport in the North of England

17. Lifetime Contribution to Transport in the North of England


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