30 November 2017

Royal Armouries, Leeds


  • Award entries must be submitted online
  • The Awards are free to enter
  • 'The North' is defined as Cumbria, the North East, Tees Valley, York, North Yorkshire & East Reading, Leeds City Region, Humber, Sheffield City Region, Cheshire & Warrington, Liverpool City Region, Greater Manchester and Lancashire
  • Projects forming part of a submission (including improvements to existing schemes) must have been implemented after January 2015 and any results should include the latest data
  • You may submit the same entry for more than one award category
  • Award entries must clearly demonstrate the positive results the project/initiative has achieved. These results could, for example, take the form of increased passenger satisfaction levels, improved service reliability, higher carbon savings, increased efficiency, higher patronage growth, increased safety levels etc. The strongest entries will convey results in a statistical manner and show how the results have been measured
  • If the aim of the project was to provide a solution to an existing problem, make sure you describe the previous situation and the subsequent positive changes and results that have occurred since implementation
  • In order to make your entry stand out from the others, it is a good idea to highlight any innovative elements contained in the project/initiative
  • Include photographs and diagrams if they help to better illustrate your results/achievements, for example, improvements to rail stations or public realm projects may be conveyed more strongly if photographs underpin the written entry
  • Award entries should be no longer than 1000 words unless ITA / Combined Authority of the Year or Public Transport Operator of the Year, in which case a 2000 word limit applies. For Frontline Employee nominations we require a maximum of 500 words in support of the nominated person
  • Do not supply supporting material unless specified under award category
  • Award entries will be accepted up until midnight on 21 July 2017
  • You will be informed if you’ve made the final shortlist by email in September 2017
  • The Judging Panel's decision is final

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