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  • Clean air strategy 'should focus on buses not cars'
  • Network Rail's Mark Carne outlines cautious approach to next investment plan
  • MPs give cross-party support to Crossrail 2
  • Infrastructure investment 'not a competition between regions'
  • NAO criticises DfT ticketing scheme
  • Mobility as a Service
  • HS2 rolling stock design
  • Francis Paonessa interview
  • Smart North makes progress

Also in this issue:

Government must be bold in air quality response

Government must be bold in air quality response

By David Begg, Chief Excecutive, Transport Times

The delay to the Government's response to the High Court ruling on air quality is a pity. Though the official line is that it has been delayed because of the election, it is a missed opportunity for the Government to take a firm stance on air quality and show leadership...

On time, on budget – just fifty years late

On time, on budget – just fifty years late

By Derek Halden, Director of transport data and technology business DHC Loop Connections 

Deciding on the timing of transport investment can be as important as deciding which investment to make. A rail station that opens a few months in advance of new homes being built is used very differently from the same rail station built a few years after the houses have been constructed...

Coordinating roadworks: how hard can it be?

Coordinating roadworks: how hard can it be?

By Steve Gooding, Director, RAC Foundation

None of us are drivers 24/7. When we're at home we all want the gas, electricity, water and broadband to be on tap, and given the extent to which our utility distribution systems lie buried beneath our roads, we know it's inevitable that those roads are going to have to be dug up to repair and renew these networks...

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UK Rail Summit Postponed

26 April 2017

The UK Rail Summit due to take place on 4th May is being rescheduled due to pre-election purdah.

An annoucement on the new date will be made in due course.


Improving air quality: what’s the plan?

14 April 2017

DEFRA is due this month to publish its new Air Quality Plan. Government has already lost two court cases on this issue, so the pressure is on.

Concern over air quality....

A Bill to prepare for a new technological dawn

10 April 2017

The Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill seeks to prepare the ground for a future of driverless cars and electric vehicles as well as protecting pilots from the misuse of laser....

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