Major Road Network concept is gaining favour

In Transport Times in June we set out why we believe that the 4,200 mile Strategic Road Network on its own – vitally important though it is – does not comprise all the significant roads needed to underpin and support the nation's economy, particularly at the regional level. We used objective criteria to designate a further 3,800 miles of local authority A-roads to create the 8,000 mile Major Road Network. This is a more logical, coherent and integrated network of national and regional roads for England, offering good geographical coverage and connectivity – an economic backbone for business across the regions.

Our report last month for the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund goes on to explore the implications of the concept. It does not need any change in responsibilities for highways. But it does need the major road network to be planned, managed and funded in a consistent way – with the local authority major roads having similar planning and funding certainty to that which applies to the strategic network. It needs strong collaboration between local highway authorities and Highways England; this will be greatly facilitated where subnational bodies such as Transport for the North, Midlands Connect and England's Economic Heartland are gathering pace.

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