Memo to the Transport Secretary

Dear Mr Grayling,

It's the party conference season and government will soon be back into full swing. It's a good time to take stock of what lies ahead. Congratulations on making an energetic start in your role as Secretary of State for Transport.

As you said in your conference speech it's an area you're familiar with from your time as shadow transport secretary under David Cameron. But people in the industry have been impressed by how you've gone out of you way to spend time over the summer getting out and about, getting yourself briefed and up to speed with the issues.

This applies particularly to promoters of schemes for new runway capacity in the South East – the most pressing infrastructure decision facing you (and the Government as a whole). The signs are that the cabinet committee to which the decision has been delegated is genuinely poised to make a decision at last. Any decision will be unpopular in some quarters, but the issue has dragged on long enough and having the courage to bring the matter to a close will be a significant step.

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