Powerhouse Priorities

Last week's North of England Transport Summit took an in-depth look at priorities for infrastructure investment and its role in bridging the productivity gap between the north and south of England. Over 160 delegates heard a range of speakers discuss priorities for investment in the north of England, transport's role in boosting the economy, and how subnational and devolved bodies were changing the landscape for planning and constructing transport infrastructure.

Transport for the North chief executive David Brown said in a keynote address that the organisation's role was to help address the productivity gap between the north and south of England and to support growth in jobs, as part of the Northern Powerhouse economic strategy.

In the short term TfN sought to make sure improvements already in Network Rail's and Highways England's investment plans were carried through. In the medium term it would influence, making sure the aspirations of the North were incorporated in the next round of five-year strategies. In the long term it would set out a vision for transport in the North. "We will prioritise schemes that will deliver economic growth," he said.

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